Which Body Building Program to Go For


Which Body Building Program to Go For

The purpose why many people are taking up weight training and body building is because they want to increase their strength and add to their muscle mass. Although this may be true, it is also important that you have to couple it with resistance training, good diet and rest to achieve this. By having all these factors together, you are sure that in no time your goal will be achieved.

If you want to better achieve your goal, you have to be equipped with knowledge on how to do it. There are three types of training you have to be aware of:

1) Strength Training. This is the perfect way to start for beginners because it will allow you to develop the strength needed as continue building your muscles.

Through this type of training, one focuses on lower numbers of repetition per set in lifting heavy weights; typically, 5 repetition per set. It is also important that one  Testosterone Replacement Therapy should put more emphasis on core lifts like squats and bench press to build up strength as one progress in weight training.

2) Hypertrophy Training. Interestingly, for the body to develop more muscles, it has to be put under stress through weight training. The more stress they are subjected to, the more muscle cells will develop. This is possible through Hypertrophy training.

This program would include 6 and 12 repetitions on both compound and isolation exercises focusing more on putting stress on the muscle group you want to develop.

3) Endurance Training. Most people who want to increase their endurance would do 15 or more repetition using a much lower weight. This type of training is beneficial to athletes playing basketball, soccer and others.

These three different types of training can help you reach your goal of wanting to build a good physique at the same time, improving strength and endurance.

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